Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog. It’s been a while. First of all, I wish you a happy new year to all of my readers. Thank you for always coming back and reading every single post on this blog. Quick question. Do you guys always make new year’s resolutions every year? Well, I used to make a list of my new year’s resolutions until the COVID-19 pandemic, when everything was seemed very unpredictable and uncertain at the same time.

However, there were also so many great things that happened in 2021, which made me very grateful every single day. Moreover, some of them were very unexpected. Yet, I am so thankful for the great opportunities that came to me in terms of work as well as my personal achievement in 2021. The previous year has undeniably taught me so many precious things in my life and once again I am very grateful for everything.

Therefore, I am very excited to share with you guys some of my new year’s resolutions in 2022.

  1. Create social media and blog contents more consistently (this is hard, yet I’ll try my best this year)
  2. Be more involved in the sustainable fashion movement in Indonesia (By being more considerate with my fashion choices and by actively promoting sustainable fashion as well as joining a community or organisation consisting of people who think alike about circularity)
  3. Exercise more regularly (Well, I believe this is important both for my physical and mental health)
  4. Read more (Everything I get bored, I read. This gave me some kind of healing sensation)
  5. Acquire new skills (Yes, I’m a lifelong learner! In fact, I already have something in mind)
  6. Invest more rather than spend my money on something that is not necessary
  7. Be more grateful (This is a MUST!)

I think that was all guys. Honestly, I’m very curious about your resolutions this year. Please do share your resolutions if you guys don’t mind. I hope everything will work out well this year for everyone. Also, stay safe and healthy guys. Lastly, don’t forget to check out my Instagram account @iamhendraw to find more fashion inspirations as well as sustainable fashion-related contents. See you next time, have a great day 🙂


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