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Hendra Wijaya is an Indonesian fashion blogger and social media influencer based in Jakarta. He’s been starting his career as a full-time blogger and content creator since 2016.
The lack of fashion knowledge back then did not stop him to learn more and more about fashion until today. In his perspective, being a blogger, influencer or content creator is not a piece of cake. Determination, consistency, hard work and creative ideas are absolutely needed. He’s also been reaching out to many local designers, photographers, and fellow bloggers to gain his knowledge about fashion.
The idea of creating a fashion blog came from his passion for fashion, writing and photography. For him, fashion blogs and social media are not only media to share thoughts but also to build communities. Hendra Wijaya is known for his unique style and creative mind to mix and match outfits. He loves to wear any kind of style and apparently he received so many positive responses from his followers about it. He also loves to give his friends and families some fashion advice.
Currently, Hendra Wijaya is focusing on gaining comprehensive knowledge of sustainable fashion, as he believes that fashion should not only accentuate styles or sophistication but also show concerns for the environmental and social aspects. He also consistently shares his knowledge of how fashion has been contributing to global wastes and climate change, including ways to reduce and reverse environmental degradation. He hopes people, particularly the younger generation, will be more aware of sustainability and actively work towards it.
So far, Hendra Wijaya has been working together with many local and international brands from various industries. He always feels so excited to work on each project. So, if your brands are looking for a blogger or influencer, please don’t be hesitate to drop an email.
Based on so many reasons, he would like to share his knowledge, experiences, fashion tips and inspirations, as well as the latest updates from the fashion world through his blog. He believes everyone could look stylish and eco-conscious at the same time with the right fashion choices.


2nd Winner of Indonesia4Climate “Sustainable Fashion” Video Competition

FPCI, British Embassy, Italian Embassy, Sweden Embassy – 2021

1st Winner of A New Perspective Photography Competition

PEDRO x World Photography Day – 2020

Top 3 Winner of Plaza Indonesia Men’s Fashion Week 2019 – Eco-Age OOTD Compettion

Plaza Indonesia – 2019

Indonesian Winner for Fashion Steps Out 2016 in Singapore

SAMSUNG – 2016

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