Hendra Wijaya Indonesian Fashion Blogger and Style Influencer

Hendra Wijaya is an Indonesian fashion blogger and the founder of fashion blog HENDRAWITHJAYA.COM . This blog is replacing the previous blog MONSIEURDAILY.COM as he getting serious on writing and social media influencing. Hendra has been starting his career in fashion industry as a fashion blogger and social media influencer since 2015. His name was suddenly popping-out of the crowd as he represented Indonesia to International Fashion Event in early 2016. He thought the world could be his oyster at that time, so he was taking the chances.

With little information and knowledge about fashion world back then, hasn’t been stopping him to learn more and more about fashion world until now. In his opinion being a fashion blogger is not a piece of cake, determination, consistency, hardworking and creative ideas are needed. He has been reaching out many designers, photographers, and fellow bloggers to gain his knowledge.

The idea of creating fashion blog came from his hobby of photography, skill of writing and passion for fashion. For him, fashion blogging and social media influencing are not only media to share about people’s thoughts but also to build communities. Hendra is known for his unpredictable style and creative mind to mix and match outfits. He loves wearing sort of styles and successfully nailed it. He also loves giving his friends any fashion or style recommendations and takes photos of them. So far, Hendra has been collaborating with many local designers. He also has ever been sponsored and endorsed by a foreign brand. He was helping many brands to promote their products within wide range of fashion items.

Based on so many reasons, he would like to share his experience, fashion tips, fashion inspirations, and the latest update from fashion world through his blog. He believes that everyone could be look better and stylish as they wanted with the right fashion choices.