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Last month I’ve been invited by Antony Morato for the private preview of their Fall Winter 2016 collection “I AM WHO I AM”. I’ve been knowing about this Italian menswear for years since their opening store at Pacific Place. What I love the most about this brand is “the dapper look” of each collection. They sell so many fashion items inside the store from shirt, sweater, jacket, pants, shoes, bag and many more. Made by high quality fabrics, this brand is a perfect choice for your daily wear. It could be casual, formal and playful as well. They were gaining so much attention from Plaza Indonesia Men’s Fashion Week last September featuring so many celebrities and TV personalities.


So, when I visited their store for the private preview event at Plaza Indonesia Mall. I was wearing their wool jacket and T-shirt from Plaza Indonesia Men’s Fashion Week 2016. What I love the most is the color, guess what? It’s Navy Blue ! My favorite color ! The other important thing about the collection is the garments, it’s super soft and comfy . Though you are wearing them both at the same time, you won’t feel the heat cause the material weren’t too thick and so airy from the inside.


Now, let’s explore the details. My wool jacket has small boxes pattern, designed with three points all in navy blue (on the neck, bottom of the jacket and the wrist). The zipper of the jacket is silver so it looks so luxurious yet edgy. What I regret about this is the size, I should wear M size so it will make me look bigger than this. But, it was okay, I could handle that. Move to the shirt, the shirt is a simple casual shirt with Antony Morato words on the front exposed the brand. The grey, white and navy blue become one great combination and totally match the wool jacket and my trousers.


Check out Antony Morato Indonesia now to see their collections by click here


So, what do you think? Leave your comments below with your link so I can check you out too. Thank you

Antony Morato

Antony Morato Antony Morato Antony Morato Antony Morato Antony Morato


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