COMA by Danjyo Hiyoji

What comes to your mind when you heard about Danjyo Hiyoji? I mean if you’re fashion enthusiasts from Indonesia, you will definitely know about this made in Indonesia brand. For me, Danjyo Hiyoji recall me to their extraordinary designs, the cutting and of course representing the young generation fashion world. Mr. Dana Maulana and Ms. Liza Masitha are famous duo behind this brand. They always have their unique way to present their collections each season. I’ve been following this brand since their SALILA about two years ago until now.


So, this time is the time for COMA Pre-Fall 2016/2017. Actually they launched the latest capsule collection, but don’t worry cause I’ll update it to you soon. So, before writing about that collection. I’d like to introduce you all to their previous collection which is still fresh and comfort to wear. Danjyo Hiyoji was playing with the cutting, masculine edges and unusual designs for COMA. They created vest, shirt, pants, skirt and many more. Magenta and grey are the tone colors of this collection with a touch of black and white on their certain designs.


I picked my own piece from Central Department Store to attend their show on Plaza Indonesia Men’s Fashion Week 2016. But don’t worry, now they are launching their website where you could buy your own piece online (what a great news, right?). I chose this piece because it’s unique. I’ve never worn this kind of outfit before, I also think why wouldn’t I try it to give my audiences new and fresh look of my fashion style.


Are you guys remember when I told you that I’m a spontaneous and experimental personal stylish? So, when I found this piece, I took it without any hesitations. I love their cutting, the magenta colors, the zipper on the back, and of course the sleeves all around my body. So, what do you think? Do you guys like it?


Shirt : COMA by Danjyo Hiyoji (Click here)

Pants : Zalora

Shoes : Zalora

Danjyo Hiyoji Danjyo Hiyoji Danjyo Hiyoji Danjyo Hiyoji


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