Hi everyone, welcome back to my blog. It’s been a while since my last post cause I’ve been working so hard on my youtube channel. But, here I am now. Really glad I can make my comeback and write something on my blog again. Yes, as you can see on this post title, we are going to talk about floral prints in this summer season.

For us who live in Indonesia, we’ve been friends with summer season. Am I right? Now, a quick question, what comes to your mind when you’re thinking about fashion for summer? For me, it’s all about strong colours and prints, like floral prints. Don’t you agree?

Frankly speaking, I really love to wear colours and prints on a daily basis. The main reason is because we only have two seasons, dry and wet seasons, in Indonesia. I’m really enjoy wearing them all the time. But maybe not on several occasions like semi-formal or formal events.

I usually love to pair my printed shirts with shorts. But, since we are not on a vacation and the beaches are nowhere in sight. I decide to pair them with comfy pants. So, you will be look more casual than vacay mode. You can also add some accessories like bracelets or necklace if you want to.

One important tip about floral prints mix and match from me is don’t overuse it. Please choose it wisely ! Cause I’m guarantee you don’t want to look flashy in public except you are dare and confident enough about it.

Argh, writing about this topic always make me want to travel to some kind of islands hehe~ I hope you guys enjoy this blog post. Don’t forget to leave me some comments down below and also checkout my Instagram @iamhendraw for OOTD Inspo. I’ll see you guys soon. THANK YOU and Have a nice day 🙂


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