Hey guys, What’s up! Welcome back to my blog. This time, I’ll write and show you how to style your utility vest/gilet. Firstly, I believe most of fashion lovers/enthusiasts out there are already aware about this fashion item. Yes, it has become a new trend of fashion this year. Personally, I love the idea of wearing a utility vest/gilet to complete your streetwear or casual look. But, what about you guys? Do you guys agree? Have you guys followed this new fashion trend?

So, I’ve decided to buy a new utility vest/gilet from ASOS last month. A white one. I don’t know why I’m going back to the basics from years ago which is only bought black or white fashion items. lol. Finally, after a week, I have a time to go somewhere and take a picture wearing it. I was picturing myself wearing a white t-shirt or a white hoodie. Them, pairing it with white chino pants, white sneakers, basically all-white look. Also, don’t forget, wearing some accessories to complete the look.

Functionally, I love this utility vest because it can fit many things on its pockets. lol. You know what, I think I exaggerated my look for wearing an additional fanny pack to the shoot. But yes, here’s my entire look for my last photoshoot. Really love the look and also can’t wait to mix and match the utility vest with the other fashion items like a shirt, hoodie, and maybe a turtleneck shirt, for instance.

So, what do you think? Do you like it? Leave your thoughts down below. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @iamhendraw to see more of my fashion and OOTD inspo. Also, dont forget to subscribe to my youtube channel. I hope you guys enjoy this blog post, and I’ll see you guys on the next one. Thank you and have a nice day y’all.

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Details :

T-shirt : Uniqlo

Pants : Uniqlo

Utility Vest : ASOS

Sneakers : FILA

Bags : ASOS

Rings : ASOS

Necklace : H&M

Bracelet : DesignB

Chains : Bershka



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