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Today, I will share some information about why are sustainable brands pricey. I believe this question has been popping up in your mind for quite some time. But, you are not alone. As an aspiring fashion entrepreneur, I did my research about this popular topic as I want to gain a deeper understanding of sustainable brands and textiles.

First of all, have you ever bought sustainable clothing before? If you have, I believe you will understand how interesting this topic is. In Indonesia, surprisingly I found that sustainable or eco-friendly brands are quite limited and more on the dear side compared to fast fashion brands. Isn’t it problematic? No wonder many people prefer fast fashion brands to sustainable brands.

Therefore, I started doing some research about why are sustainable brands expensive. From what I found, this is because the sustainable material itself. In order to make a long lasting and high quality clothing, brands have no choice other than using high quality textiles such as organic cotton or viscose. Furthermore, these materials need to be certified for transparency aspect. Other than environmental matters, sustainability has to embrace the other areas, which are people and profit. People means that brands have to fulfill the rights of workers such as by paying them decent wages and providing them with safety workplace. These factors eventually will add up to the amount that the consumers should pay.

Nevertheless, I hope there will be many sustainable textiles as alternative to conventional fabrics in the future. This way sustainable brands could lower their production costs then market price. Additionally, I also think that it is time for us consumers to switch up our mindset towards sustainability. Buying sustainable brands means saving money since low quality products are nondurable. Certainly, it will be nice to fill our closet with a variety of fashion items. Yet, it is not sustainable at all. Furthermore, we slowly began to realise the effects of climate change. Like what I have said on my previous post, the fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world. So, If you want to make a difference, now is a perfect time to change you shopping behaviour. By supporting sustainable fashion, we will be able to save our planet and reverse environmental degradation.


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